The Gas Transmission Benchmarking Initiative


We deliver operational excellence to European gas transmission system operators through the industry’s only peer-to-peer benchmarking and collaboration program. Facilitated by Juran Benchmarking. 

The Program Explained

The Gas Transmission Benchmarking Initiative (GTBI) is a closed collaboration consortium of European gas transmission system operators designed to facilitate the secure and confidential sharing and benchmarking of performance data, practices and experience. Founded in 2002, the GTBI is the only such TSO-led group in Europe and its mission is:


“To achieve learning, continuous improvement and refining recognised best practices in gas transmission by leveraging reliable, validated benchmarking data, methods, and collaborative working.”

How does it worK?

The GTBI is underpinned by two pillars of collaboration: the performance metrics benchmarking, and the leading practices benchmarking. 

Performance Metrics Benchmarking

The GTBI's benchmarking- and improvement programme offers participants a comprehensive analysis of the performance of its gas transmission system in comparison with peer participants from across Europe. The performance metrics benchmarking focuses on:

Leading Practices Benchmarking

The Leading Practices Benchmarking is designed to understand the practices that are likely to lead to optimal performance. This is achieved through 5 key mechanisms:

Facilitated by Juran Benchmarking

Juran Benchmarking has been the appointed facilitator to the GTBI since 2005. Learn more about Juran Benchmarking by visiting our website.